This 1-year interactive course on climate advocacy is designed specifically for CARE staff. It combines online courses, peer to peer exchanges and coaching to change your training experience into a learning journey. It will help you increase your knowledge on climate advocacy and help you get a better understanding of how to put CARE’s main climate advocacy approaches into practice. The first climate advocacy learning journey will start in March 2020.


  • Understanding main political issues on climate change
  • Building advocacy strategies
  • Identifying and collecting evidence needed for successful advocacy
  • Policy influencing at local, national and global levels in climate change and resilience
  • Learning about CARE’s advocacy tools and approaches
  • Coaching Phase:  Applying your Learning


Seven-months of live and interactive e-learning classroom lessons led by CARE’s climate advocacy experts, including videos, quizzes, podcasts and homework, followed by a five-month individual coaching period to apply the learning.

Learning objectives

Completing this learning journey will enable you to better integrate advocacy in your climate change and resilience programming especially in making your evidence stronger and helping improve your impact through achieving changes in structure and scale-up. By the end of the training, participants will:

1) Understand the policies relating to climate change and resilience at the global, national and local levels;
2) Understand the main advocacy tools, strategies and available guidance from CARE that can be useful for climate change & resilience advocacy;
3) Be able to use the acquired knowledge to improve CARE’s own advocacy and influencing work
4) Be able to share the acquired knowledge with others