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By Camilla Schramek on 14th June 2019

UN climate talks: Governments must translate public pressure into ambitious action to tackle climate emergency now, says CARE

Bonn, 14 June 2019. The UN climate change meeting of government representatives and experts in Bonn, Germany starting on June 17th is overshadowed by ongoing human suffering and ecological damage […]

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3rd June 2019

Improving Adaptive Capacity to Drought

Mr. Kararsa Dida, 55, is a pastoralist living at Kancharo kebele, Dillo woreda, Ethiopia. He has 9 children and depends on livestock production, which is decreasing due to environmental effects, […]

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15th May 2019

Communities bend, they do not break in the face of disaster and climate change

Most vulnerable are not left behind when their voices are included in decision-making GENEVA. 15 May, 2019. In the advent of the Global Platform on Disaster Risk Reduction (GPDRR), CARE […]

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8th May 2019

Women Find Success Growing Organic Vegetables in Vietnam

Quách Thi Út has been a pioneer in the cultivation of high-value vegetables favoured by consumers. Once she finds a lucrative crop, she transfers her techniques to other members of […]

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3rd May 2019

Women as Agents of Change in Bangladesh

Bangladesh is one of the most vulnerable countries to climate change. The increasing rainfall in recent years has disrupted the daily lives of its population, particularly affecting – both men […]

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By Camilla Schramek on 30th April 2019

Climate change experts warn of disproportionate impacts on poor countries as Cyclone Fani bears down on India and Bangladesh

30 April, 2019 – As Cyclone Fani approaches India and Bangladesh, CARE experts warn that the increased occurrences of disasters in poorer countries is saddling millions of innocent people with […]

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25th March 2019

Communities and Local Government in Ecuador Working to Preserve Biodiversity

Pichincha is a territory situated in the High Andes in the North of Equator, characterized by a unique diverse ecosystem of “Paramos” constituted of endemic flora on lakeland and forest […]

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22nd March 2019

Cyclones in Africa and Australia illustrate devastating impact of climate change

With 1.5 million people in southern Africa affected by Cyclone Idai, and Australians bracing for Cyclones Trevor and Veronica, aid agency CARE Australia says people the world over are suffering […]

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