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By Pascal Girot on 10th December 2012

Loss and damage: An issue whose time has come

A few weeks ago, ‘loss and damage’ was a phrase understood by a relatively select group of climate specialists. But, with ongoing inaction to tackle climate change, the issue will […]

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By Kit Vaughan on 8th December 2012

Doha climate talks: Not lost, but damaged

Although the Doha climate talks failed to make any substantial progress on tackling climate change, there are still reasons to be hopeful, writes CARE International Director of Climate Change and […]

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By CARE on 6th December 2012

UN climate talks fail to tackle planetary emergency

Dire outcome for the world’s poorest and most vulnerable people, says CARE International The UN climate conference has concluded without delivering sufficient action to secure a safe future for the […]

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By Omar Tankari on 4th December 2012

From Doha to Azagor: Do the right thing

While the nations of the world disagree on the best way to tackle climate change in Doha, people in Niger are already dealing with the reality of shifting seasons and […]

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By CARE on 3rd December 2012

Take action now on climate change ‘Loss and Damage’

Over forty civil society organisations and networks from all over the world have signed an open letter urging Ministers to take urgent, proactive action to address loss and damage at […]

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By Kit Vaughan on 2nd December 2012

Bursting the bubble of climate inaction

A week into the UN talks, Kit Vaughan, Head of Delegation for CARE in Doha says ambition is still lagging far behind what’s needed to tackle climate change. As ministers […]

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By Peter With on 1st December 2012

Marching against climate change in Doha

Amidst a backdrop of skyscrapers and hotels, Peter With, of CARE Denmark and the Southern Voices programme, reflects on Qatar’s first public demonstration on climate change. Today, I marched with […]

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By CARE on 29th November 2012

Governments must get serious about ‘Loss and Damage’ caused by climate change inaction

Years of fiddling while the planet burns is leading to unavoidable climate impacts, NGOs say in new report Developed country governments meeting at the UN climate conference in Qatar need […]

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