Dwayne Mamo

Press and Communications Coordinator, PECCN, CARE International

Dwayne is the interim PECCN Press and Communications Coordinator


Languages: English, Georgian, Italian, Maltese & basic French, Spanish, Arabic and Danish

Dwayne plays a key role in developing and strengthening CARE’s global climate change profile. He works strategically across the CARE confederation to identify and share the best of CARE’s climate change content, from innovative approaches in programme practice, to global-level advocacy work. Dwayne engages with international print, broadcast, and digital media to build CARE’s climate change communications portfolio and external profile.

Dwayne has worked as a communications specialist within the NGO, humanitarian and development sector for over seven years, drawing on his background in journalism to produce high quality media, print, and web content for a range of audiences. Dwayne is a member of CARE’s Communications Working Group and coordinates the CARE climate list, an internal e-mail group for staff interested in climate change issues.

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