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13th June 2016
EDD16: Women as a force of disaster and climate resilience: Bangladesh perspective

6th June 2016
EDD16: Gender, climate change and integrated risk reduction

Filipino farmers start to recover from typhoon Koppu amidst El Niño
The Philippines is one of the most disaster prone countries in the world. Filipino farmers are often the most affected by typhoons and dry spells. A few months after typhoon Koppu hit the Philippines in October 2015, the farmers had to face another challenge when they started bear the brunt of the impacts of the strongest El Niño on record.
4th March 2016
ALP Results, Outcomes and Impacts Report – Jan 2010 to June 2015

This report reflects ALP's achievements from 2010-2015 in supporting vulnerable communities in the four countries where it works to adapt to climate change.

2nd March 2016
Band-aid solutions to Cyclone Winston not enough, focus must be on building resilience to more frequent disasters, CARE warns

17th February 2016
Linking climate change adaptation with early warning systems

Stepping up for resilience
CARE has been organising community risk assessment trainings since the super typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines. Rizalyn Biong is a community facilitator who helps her community members understand what disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) means.
Analita and her community’s journey to disaster resilience
CARE and partners have been supporting Cambucao in the Philippines to become disaster resilient after the super typhoon Haiyan hit the village in 2013. Analita Garcela has been leading her community's journey to resilience.

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