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20th March 2017
Courting complexity in climate services: Lessons from Participatory Scenario Planning

13th June 2016
EDD16: Women as a force of disaster and climate resilience: Bangladesh perspective

Pastoralist women carry water in jerry cans on their head and back through the semi-desert region of Diffa, Eastern Niger
7th March 2016
Climate change adaptation post-Paris: Next steps for the Green Climate Fund

4th March 2016
CBA and Gender Analysis Practitioner Brief

This brief draws on the experiences of ALP to explain why integrating gender analysis into community based adaptation work is important and how to do it

17th February 2016
Linking climate change adaptation with early warning systems

A good harvest – counting on luck, coincidence and God
Rainfall patterns have changed significantly in northern Ghana due to climate change. Farmers can no longer plan their farming activities based on traditional knowledge, and they now rely – more than ever – on weather information. CARE is working with communities in northern Ghana to help vulnerable people adapt to the changing climate.
Stepping up for resilience
CARE has been organising community risk assessment trainings since the super typhoon Haiyan swept through the Philippines. Rizalyn Biong is a community facilitator who helps her community members understand what disaster risk reduction (DRR) and climate change adaptation (CCA) means.
“I have worked for nothing”: When bushfires destroy livelihoods
As the climate changes, bushfires become increasingly frequent in Ghana worsening the conditions of small-scale farmers. CARE's "Adaptation Learning Programme" helps vulnerable farmers adapt to changing climatic conditions by installing rain gauges together with Ghana’s Meteorological Institute.

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