Published | 10th October 2013

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COP19: No excuse for inaction

CARE’s demands for the UN climate change talks in Warsaw (COP19)

Climate change is real and it is happening now. As the latest instalment of the United Nations Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) report confirms with 95% certainty, global temperatures are increasing, sea-level rise is accelerating, oceans are warming and acidifying, glaciers and Arctic sea ice are in decline and rainfall patterns are changing, all as a result of human- caused climate change.

Yet, despite clear scientific evidence about the growing scale and pace of climate change, the exploration for and burning of fossil fuels continues uncurbed. Current levels of concerted global action to tackle emissions and help people adapt to climate impacts still fall far short of what is required.

This briefing paper outlines CARE International’s demands for the 2013 climate talks in Warsaw.

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