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27th June 2017
Action Research on Local Adaptive Capacity in ALP Communities in Northern Ghana

Action research on local adaptive capacity in ALP communities in Northern Ghana

27th June 2017
How adaptive capacity enables resilience: insights from two communities in Northern Ghana

ALP policy brief sharing insights and lessons for policy and practice about building climate resilience through local adaptive capacity in Ghana

26th June 2017

RELEASE OF REPORT: Unequal G20 must jointly act on climate change and lead for a safer future, says CARE

16th May 2017
Delivering on the Paris Promises: Combating Climate Change and Protecting Rights

This report focuses on recommendations for the negotiations of the Paris Rule Book. Notably, on human rights, rights of indigenous people, public participation, gender equality, food security, just transition and ecosystem integrity

6th April 2017
Adapting to climate change: the pioneering approach of CARE France

CARE France is one of the few French NGOs that have developed and applied methodologies for climate change adaptation integration. This report provides information on the approach for climate change adaptation implemented so far and the key recommendations to follow in the years to come.

7th March 2017
CARE’s submission to the UNFCCC Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage

Loss and Damage: put the most vulnerable at the center. CARE’s submission to the UNFCCC Warsaw International Mechanism on Loss and Damage

10th February 2017
Increasing Resilience: Theoretical Guidance Document for CARE International

Increasing resilience is central to how CARE works.

16th November 2016
Fleeing Climate Change: Impacts on Migration and Displacement

A new report from CARE Danmark, “Fleeing Climate Change,” shows that climate change could push the total number of permanently displaced people as high as 250 million people, between now and 2050.

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