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9th March 2018
Design of gender transformative smallholder agriculture adaptation programmes

This How to Do Note (HTDN) is intended to provide guidance on how to design smallholder agriculture adaptation programmes that consider the differential impacts of climate change on women, men and youth smallholder farmers.

9th March 2018
ASAP Gender Assessment and Learning Review

This report presents the findings and recommendations from a gender assessment and learning review of IFAD’s Adaptation in Smallholder Agriculture Programme (ASAP)

26th February 2018
Enhancing Resilience through Gender Equality

This report finds that highly gendered roles and responsibilities mean higher workloads and lower recognition of women for their work. Men and women have distinct gendered roles in agricultural production, income generation, management of natural resources and household activities, and men tend to have more authority and control of power and resources within the household and community.

26th February 2018
Reaching Resilience

The purpose of this strategy is to set the course of actions for CARE Bangladesh to ensure that its work contributes to building the resilience of its impact populations’ shocks and stresses.

22nd January 2018
Suffering in Silence: The 10 Most Underreported Humanitarian Crises of 2017

The year 2017 was marked by scores of humanitarian crises: armed conflicts, devastating natural disasters, climate shocks, hunger, millions of people fleeing their homes.

16th January 2018
Adaptive Governance for a Changing Climate

In Mozambique, climate change has been increasing the vulnerability of rural and urban communities. The approval of the new National Climate Change Adaptation and Mitigation Strategy (ENAMMC) in 2012 presented an important opportunity for ACCRA to advise the Government of Mozambique and ultimately to effect systemic and institutional change in planning for climate change adaptation.

10th December 2017
Finance for Adaptation and Loss and Damage: Time to Step Up Action

This Oxfam International and CARE brief outlines the key challenges on adaptation finance that governments could advance at the One Planet Summit and in the course of 2018 to raise ambition.

21st November 2017
Building Climate Resilience in Vanuatu

CARE, Save the Children & USAID developed a community-based adaptation project. The goal was to increase the resilience of communities, especially women, young people, boys and girls, to shocks, stresses and future uncertainty resulting from climate change.

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