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15th February 2019
Civil Society Engagement with the Green Climate Fund

This factsheet outlines the number of opportunities civil society organizations have to engage in the GCF at various levels (national, regional and international)

16th January 2019
Insuring for a Changing Climate

This report reviews CARE’s experience with microinsurance through seven case studies.

17th December 2018
Climate Change and Resilience Work – CARE Netherlands

CARE Nederland focuses its impact 27 countries worldwide, implementing 50 projects in 2017-2018. At the same time, CARE Nederland hosts the CCRP which leads on CARE’s climate change and resilience work globally and provides support to our 132 programs working on climate change and resilience, reaching directly over 2 Million people worldwide.

28th November 2018
Resilience and Climate Change Orientation Pack

This orientation pack links new staff to critical program frameworks, tools and guidance on resilience. CARE has a wealth of resilience resources and technical support to deepen our programming and organizational resilience work.

26th November 2018
CARE’s Key Demands for COP24

In CARE’s view, addressing the concerns and challenges faced by poor and vulnerable women and girls in developing countries, as well as their potential as agents of change, must be at the heart of COP24 - tackling the climate crisis and promoting climate justice.

5th November 2018
The Position Paper: The Critical Need for Resilience in the Southern Africa Region

Urgent Action by humanitarian and development partners is required in the southern Africa region to mitigate the effects of climate-induced stress on vulnerable and food insecure communities

5th November 2018
Women: A Driving Force for Urban Resilience

This book tells the stories of 2000 women. This is their story. Story of the women from slums who are at the centre of resilience building in an urban context.

23rd October 2018
Working for Poverty Reduction and Social Justice: The CARE 2020 Program Strategy

The CARE 2020 Program Strategy describes the changes in the world we want to see and our role in bringing about those changes.

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