on 4th July 2013

International Forum on Glaciers: The challenge of research for the service of society in the context of climate change

The International Forum on Glaciers was held in the city of Huaraz, Peru, from 1-4 July. The initiative was led by Peru’s National Water Authority with active support from CARE Peru which formed part of the organising committee.

The goal of the 4-day event was to create a platform for the exchange of experiences and practices between scientific communities working in the areas of glaciology, climatology, hydrology, and social sciences in mountainous regions of the world.

The Forum also aimed to facilitate the development of joint research agendas, leading to the establishment of shared strategies for climate change adaptation and risk management in mountain ecosystems.

The event brought together nearly 2000 people from 19 countries and included participation from regional governments, public and private institutions, universities, NGOs and students.

Key achievements include:

  • Political, technical and operational agreements inc luding a Declaration and Letter to Peru’s President calling for more effective coordin ation between stakeholders involved in glacial management.
  • New, shared research agendas between public and aca demic institutions which will help ensure vital knoweldge required for decision-m aking is acquired.
  • Agreement that pilot projects on adaptation and dis aster risk reduction should seek to work more closely with local populations and author ities, particularly when implementing measures to help people cope with the impacts of climate change.
  • A new network was created to improve the exchange of information, experiences and lessons learned.

Swiss Agency for Development: http://www.cooperacionsuizaenperu.org.pe/cosude- proyectos/proyectos-programa-global-cambio-climatic o/glaciares/proyecto-noticias/1518- 11%20de%20julio%20de%202013

CARE would like to thank the University of Zurich a nd the Swiss Agency for Development whose contributions helped make this event possible.

View of Polar Ice Rim


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