Strengthening Climate Change Resilience in Vietnam

The Mekong Delta is the lifeblood of southern Vietnam, known for its lush paddy fields and rivers. It is also a country on the frontline of climate change. It is highly susceptible to seasonal changes in rainfall, flash flooding and sea level rises.

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Over the past decade, CARE has worked in the Mekong to support community efforts to reduce disasters and adapt to climate change. In 2012, CARE began a new initiative to increase the resilience of communities in the Mekong Delta to the unavoidable impacts of climate change. Over the next three years, the program worked with villages in two provinces – An Giang, a riverine and coastal area bordering Cambodia; and Soc Trang, a coastal area adjacent to the mouth of the Mekong – using a variety of strategies to build resilience.

Read the full case study by following this link: CBA-Vietnam-Case-Study

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