Remote yet Resilient: Strengthening Climate Change Resilience in Papua New Guinea

This case study explores how CARE has been helping to build climate change resilience in Papua New Guinea.

You can view the full case study by following this link: CBA-PNG-Case-Study


Nissan Atoll sits solitary in the Pacific Ocean; a remote set of islands forming a ring in the ocean where a volcano once sat. The only way to get there is by boat; in good seas about a two hour ride through open seas from the capital of the Autonomous Region of Bougainville, Buka. Fishing and agriculture are the traditional practices of the Futunese but these are becoming harder as a result of climate change. Since 2009, CARE has been working with the people of Nissan to support their efforts to reduce the risk of natural disasters and to adapt to climate change through a range of initiatives to build their knowledge and skills and ability to prepare, respond and adapt. In 2012, CARE began a new initiative to strengthen the resilience of women, men and children to climate change and weather-related disasters in every village on the island.

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