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By CARE on 6th June 2016

EDD16: Gender, climate change and integrated risk reduction

CARE International, UN Women and UNISDR are organising a joint panel discussion, Gender, climate change and integrated risk reduction – Moving from words to action after Sendai, Agenda 2030 and COP21, at the European […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 26th May 2016

Countries leave Bonn under mounting pressure to deliver on their Paris climate promises

26 May 2016, Bonn. The first session of UN climate negotiations, after the historic Paris Agreement was forged, ends under mounting pressure on governments to deliver on their climate commitments. […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 25th May 2016

Vulnerable countries and youth kick-off for climate justice at UN negotiations

25 May 2016, Bonn, Germany. Today Adriana Murillo Ruin, head of the Costa Rican delegation at the UNFCCC and representing a group of 43 nations vulnerable to climate impacts, took […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 20th May 2016

A world in crisis in an era of climate disruptions

The world is currently witnessing the highest level of human suffering since the Second World War. A recent report by UNISDR shows that between 1995 and 2015 90% disasters were climate related. In […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 13th May 2016

Turn words into action: it’s time to deliver on the Paris climate promises

13 May 2016, Bonn. The Paris climate deal is likely to come into effect earlier than originally planned, but the world is still on pathway to climate chaos unless countries […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 20th April 2016

New report: Why a joined-up approach to climate and development will define success of the Paris Agreement

20 April 2016, Geneva / London. A new report by CARE International and WWF International notes that “information is emerging almost daily that increases our understanding of the growing impacts of climate […]

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By CARE on 30th March 2016

Oxfam, Save the Children and CARE call for donor intervention, as Southern Africa region endorses action plan to tackle El Nino food crisis

Donors and Southern African governments must act swiftly, collaboratively, and generously in responding to the South African Development Community’s (SADC) announcement of a regional drought emergency triggered by El Nino, […]

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By Viivi Erkkilä on 8th March 2016

Planet 50-50: Women Step Up for Climate Action

Climate change is essentially a question of social justice. What’s really unfair is that the poorest and most vulnerable people – particularly women and girls – suffer the most even […]

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