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Welcome to CARE’s Climate Blog where you will find the opinions and thoughts of our staff as they engage in various aspects of climate change ranging from work in the field to negotiations at UN and other high-level events.

By Johanna Mitscherlich, on 20th December 2016

Village vs Desert: Climate Change Stories from Niger

Niger is one of the poorest and least-developed countries on earth.  96 out of 1,000 children die before their fifth birthday, 1 in 200 women does not survive pregnancy or […]

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17th November 2016

Niger: Where climate change is a daily reality

By Amadou Dan Kouré Hospitals in dusty small towns. Young children inside, lying on beds next to their mothers displaying familiar signs of severe malnutrition. Their skin is stretched tight […]

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By Johanna Mitscherlich, on 16th November 2016

7 Things You Need To Know About El Niño … and why you should care

You don’t know what El Niño is? You are not the only one! Don’t stop reading because you are put off by a term you don’t know. You are not […]

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By Emma Bowa on 15th November 2016

Gender in the Marrakech Climate Talks

The UNFCCC recognises the importance of involving women and men equally in international climate change negotiations as well as in national level policy processes. Within the Paris Agreement, ‘Parties acknowledge that […]

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By Fiona Percy on 11th November 2016

Launch of the Adaptation Good Practice (AGP) Checklist is setting the scene for effective implementation of the Paris Agreement

At COP22 countries must focus on converting the ambitious goals of the Paris Agreement into practical reality by agreeing on concrete actions to put countries on a path towards low […]

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By Vitu Chinoko on 11th November 2016

The Morality of Advancing Agriculture in UNFCCC Negotiations

Reflections by Vitu Chinoko, Partnerships and Advocacy Coordination, CARE Southern Africa: I come from Malawi where every year climate change impacts are felt deeply by poor and vulnerable communities.  There are […]

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By Tonya Rawe Vitu Chinoko on 11th November 2016

More To Learn, More To Do, and More to Deliver for Small-scale Food Producers

By Tonya Rawe, Global Policy Lead for Food and Nutrition Security, CARE and Vitu Chinoko, Partnerships and Advocacy Coordination, CARE Southern Africa When 795 million people are chronically hungry; 161 million children […]

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By Damien Clarkson on 11th July 2016

Taking back control of our climate

1.5c WORLD WHERE WE SURVIVE AND THRIVE In the midst of the political chaos in the UK some positive news on climate change was recently announced. The UK government accepted […]

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