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Welcome to CARE’s Climate Blog where you will find the opinions and thoughts of our staff as they engage in various aspects of climate change ranging from work in the field to negotiations at UN and other high-level events.

13th July 2017

Making SDG national reporting climate-smart and climate-ambitious

At this year’s UN High-Level Political Forum (HLPF), countries will present Voluntary National Reviews (VNRs) which outline their national approach and progress towards implementing the Sustainable Development Goals. This is […]

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By Alebachew Adem, Regional Advisor for Sustainable Agriculture & Climate Resilience, CARE USA on 28th June 2017

Climate Services and Participatory Scenario Planning (PSP) Knowledge Exchange, Kenya & Ethiopia

In countries like Ethiopia and Kenya, where most communities depend on just short and shifting bi-modal rainfall seasons each year to sustain their livelihoods, knowing when it is going to […]

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By Camilla Schramek on 22nd May 2017

Bonn climate talks: Key outcomes from the May 2017 UN climate conference

Article from CarbonBrief featuring CARE’s Sven Harmeling at Bonn Climate Change Conference. Unfortunately, although the Paris Agreement includes an entire article on loss and damage signaling its political importance, governments […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 3rd April 2017

Promoting adaptation in the GCF: key first steps to take in 2017

In an article from March 2016 I outlined key next steps for the Green Climate Fund post-Paris to promote climate resilience for the poorest and most vulnerable communities. Now, one […]

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By Maurine Ambani on 20th March 2017

Courting complexity in climate services: Lessons from Participatory Scenario Planning

The Participatory Scenario Planning (PSP) approach for seasonal decision-making at the local level has now been adopted by national meteorological services, government departments and practitioners in various sectors as well […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 15th February 2017

A call to G20 foreign ministers: It is time to tackle climate change

As G20 foreign ministers meet in Germany, it is time to tackle global challenges like humanitarian crises and climate change through cooperation G20 foreign ministers meet in Bonn, Germany, on […]

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By Vitu Chinoko on 7th February 2017

The United States Administration Should Commit to Global Leadership on Climate Change

It is important for the new US Government to recognize that climate change has brought a lot of challenges and misfortunes to the poor people in southern Africa, with a […]

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