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Welcome to CARE’s Climate Blog where you will find the opinions and thoughts of our staff as they engage in various aspects of climate change ranging from work in the field to negotiations at UN and other high-level events

18th June 2018

Growing is Learning

Nearly half the population of Tanzania lives below the poverty line. Despite working long hours in the field, women farmers find it incredibly difficult to produce enough nutritious food for […]

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18th June 2018

Water: Not just an environmental issue

Increasing resilience by empowering people to take their lives in their own hands is a core part of CARE’s global work. For example, in our Partners for Resilience programme in […]

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By Tonya Rawe on 15th June 2018

My Land, My Future

On the advent of World Day to Combat Desertification and Drought, it’s important to note the numerous days throughout the year that, taken together, reflect the complex challenges we face: […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 30th May 2018


Energy is power. It has not only been the driving force for human development – just think of the restrictions of a life without electricity to lighten the darkness or […]

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28th May 2018

The real risks of rainy season for refugees

Monsoons and cyclones threaten lives of refugees from Myanmar If you had visited Cox’s Bazar, Bangladesh, on a hot, sunny Friday at the end of March this year you could […]

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25th May 2018

Regina, a Timorese woman with a voice

It is widely believed that the overall development of a country depends on the maximum utilization of its people, both men and women. This means that women should actively participate […]

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6th April 2018

Clean Energy & Gender Transformative Change

Nearly 70% of India’s population lives in villages. Lack of resources and energy poverty are primary reasons of why people spend their lives in deprivation. Consumption of traditional sources of […]

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By Sven Harmeling on 26th February 2018

Civil society in Africa gets ready for the Global Climate Fund

The Green Climate Fund (GCF) has the ambition to become the most important multilateral instrument in climate finance. Africa has become a focus region for the GCF early on.  As […]

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